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Celebrating Pugs & Pups with Hill Hounds Rescue and Animal Sanctuary Inc.

Denton, MD

Our Mission

Hill Hounds is dedicated to coordinating rescue for homeless, abandoned, and injured dogs. We also have a dedicated team of hospice and sanctuary volunteers. In addition to dogs, we provide a soft place to land for cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and farm animals.

We accept agency transfers, as well as owner surrenders when we have room in our foster system.

When we are able, we provide food to food fragile community members who are struggling to feed their pets.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers who so graciously give of their time and resources to save as many animals as what we're able. We operate solely on donations.

Adoption Policy

Each adoption starts with an application process. We do a thorough background check, including checking references - both vet and personal. We then follow up with a home check (depending on the location will dictate how we conduct a home check). Contracts and adoption fees are completed prior to any transport of a dog. We will require an adopter to establish a relationship with their vet within 30 days of an adoption and provide written proof of such. Each adoption situation is handled on an individual basis, as are adoption fees. We strive to return any telephone calls within 3 business days.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets