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Our Mission

Lucky Cat Rescue is an organization dedicated and committed to promoting pet spaying and neutering. We provide information to educate individuals and communities on the importance of responsible pet ownership. Our organization concentrates on spaying and neutering feral cat colonies, which reduces the risk of unwanted litters. These feral cats have caretakers who keep them in a safe and protected environment. We help in the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and feral kittens which require socialization and eventual adoption. All of our cats and kittens are examined and treated by a veterinarian.

We provide hope for cats and kittens who are considered “unadoptable” and would be euthanized by other shelters.

Our areas of concentration include:

Educating the public about spaying and neutering
Socializing and providing shelter for cats and kittens
Trapping, Neutering, and Releasing (TNR) feral (wild) cat colonies
Preparing our cats for adoption
Lucky Cat Rescue, Inc. does not currently have a shelter, meaning all cats and kittens are in foster care with our volunteers.

Adoption Policy

Prospective adoptive parents fill out an application either at an adoption location or online.
(Online is best because it gets e-mailed directly to Lucky Cat Rescue volunteers and is checked numerous times daily.)
A Lucky Cat Rescue volunteer reviews the application, checks veterinarian references, personal references, etc.
The volunteer contacts the prospective adopter to set up an interview.
The prospective adopter completes an interview with a volunteer adoption counselor.
If the adoption counselor approves the adopter, a Lucky Cat Rescue volunteer arranges a time for the adopter to meet the cat (if they have not already been acquainted).
If the adopter and the cat are a good match, the adopter fills out the rest of the adoption paperwork and takes his or her new companion home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets