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Baltimore County Animal Services

13800 Manor Road
Baldwin, MD 21013

Our Mission

It's a great time to adopt a cool cat, dog or small furry or feathered family member!

The Animal Services Shelter has plenty of wonderful pets waiting to go home with YOU! If you are ready to commit to an animal's lifetime of care, please come visit us.

The Baltimore County Animal Services Division is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect animals, sheltering and returning stray pets to their owners and promoting responsible pet ownership (PDF).



Adoption Policy

Potential Adopter Requirements:
-Present a photo identification card
-Be at least 18 years old
-Pass a background check for animal-related offenses
-Pay the adoption fee
All animals are spayed or neutered (dog, puppy, cat or kitten and specific small furried & feathered)
Dogs/Cats get
-Rabies shot
-License (required by Baltimore County law)

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Recommended Pets