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Woburn Feral Cat Coalition

P.O. Box 3127
Woburn, MA 01888

Our Mission

WFCC is a non-profit no kill organization of dedicated volunteers committed to controlling the stray and feral cat population through a humane trap, neuter and return program. Our primary activities include humane education to the public regarding pet overpopulation and providing assistance to cats in life threatening situations. If you know of a cat that needs assistance, please email us at and include as much information about the cat(s) as possible - location, age, sex, temperament, current health status - as well as your own contact information.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Events: WFCC is doing adoptions by appointment only. Please email for details and information. WFCC is setting up meet and greets at Petsmart on Commerce Way in Woburn (next to Bob's Furniture).

Applications: WFCC does not have a shelter so adoptions are done at our Petsmart adoption events. Applications are required before meeting cats or kittens. Get a head start and download an application and email it to Incomplete applications cannot be processed and we do not do same-day adoptions. Please be patient and allow at least 48 hours for response as WFCC is a volunteer organization and all work full time in addition to rescuing and helping cats find good homes. WFCC reserves the right to reject any application or applicant for any reason.

Adoption Fees:
Cat or kitten: $200
Special needs: $75
$25 discount for adopting two

Bringing your new cat home:

Food & Litter: When bringing a new cat home, it's important to keep the cat on the same diet and use the same litter, at least for a little while. Switching foods too quickly will lead to upset stomachs and cats may reject new litter if switched too quickly. WFCC provides enough food and litter to get you started and can advise on how to gradually switch foods.

Preparing your home: Any change is stressful to cats. When preparing to bring a new cat home, it's best to set up a separate room where the cat can slowly adjust to it's new surroundings. A bedroom, office, or even large bathroom is perfect. This is especially important when introducing your new cat to pets that are already in the home.

What to bring with you:

Adoption fee - Cash or check
Carrier - One carrier per cat, hard sided carriers with metal doors only. Car rides can be stressful and we've had cats break out of plastic-front carriers.
Patience - Plan for the "take home" process to last at least an hour while the cats get their final vet check (required by state law) and paperwork is filled out.

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