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Our Mission

Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) all-breed rescue located in MA. We are an all-volunteer, shelter-less rescue that is dedicated to the protection, rescue, welfare, rehabilitation, and permanent adoption of dogs.

Adoption Policy

At Noel's Dream Bully Rescue, every effort is made to find and place each dog in the most appropriate loving home for each and every dog where that family will meet and exceed its needs; to do this, potential adopters will need to fill out our application. This application helps us to learn more about the potential adopter, the home setting the dog will live in, and the potential adopter's level of experience with dogs, if any. We do not match dogs to people, we match people to dogs. Potential adopters must also submit a forma of valid ID (current Driver's License, government-issued ID, etc.) to us by email along with the application in order for it to be processed (all documents are kept strictly confidential and are never shared for any purpose except legal matters). Additionally, potential adopters must give permission for their veterinary office to release records to Noel's Dream Bully Rescue in order for us to process their application. By completing and submitting the Adoption Application they are consenting to a full background check.

Application steps/process below:
• Adoption Application is submitted (including consent to a full background check) along with a copy of current/valid ID.
• Adoption Application is screened.
• IF the adoption application is determined to be a potential match, a Background check is completed.
• IF the background check passes, a phone/virtual interview is conducted to screen further to determine if this applicant is a possible match.
• IF the applicant is determined to be a possible match, all veterinary and personal references are verified.
• IF all references pass, a home check is conducted at the home where the dog will live. Possibly more than one home visit if recommendations are made for making the home dog safe.
• A meet & greet is conducted *if possible* and the dog is local.
• Adoption contract is drafted & signed by all parties, adoption fee is collected.
• The dog is delivered and transitioned to the approved adopter and all vet records are email or given to the adopter.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets