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Kitty Angels is a community resource, but is not connected with any town or government agency. Although some of our cats come from households which can no longer care for them, the majority of the cats in our care are the very neediest of animals, such as strays or feral (wild) cats, which are in urgent need of medical treatment. Kitty Angels is operated entirely by volunteers who care for the animals, do around-the-clock trapping and field work associated with the control of stray and feral cats, and act as foster care givers for animals that are sick or otherwise in need of special care and attention. While a few of these animals come into the shelter and go out to homes with nothing more than neutering, vaccinations, testing, and a veterinary exam, others receive many hundreds of dollars of veterinary care.

Our adoption program places several hundred cats into new loving homes each year. It also provides us with an opportunity to educate the public about the need for spaying and neutering and caring for their pets. Our shelter also supports cats that due to a variety of reasons, like health ussies, health issues can't be adopted out.

Low cost spay neuter program - initiated six years ago, it has become one of our most important programs. The clinic is designed for people who otherwise would not be able to afford spay/neuter. Last year we doubled the number of clinics to twice a month and this year we are doing three clinics almost every month. Despite the additional clinics, the request for assistance has grown and we still have a waiting list. So far we have spayed/neutered almost four thousand cats, for the public, at this clinic.

TNR- part of our mission, is to assist the feral population through Trap, Neuter, Return. TNR is a humane alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing feral cat populations. Cats are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, ear tipped, and returned to the site where they came from. Each cat trapped is evaluated to see if stray or feral. Strays are kept and placed for adoption. We continue to monitor and care for many of these ferals in colonies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Dedicated volunteers feed and provide water every day, watching for any issues with the cats. New cats get trapped and evaluated thereby keeping the numbers from growing. Since our inception over thirty years ago we have seen the stray and feral populations greatly reduced.

Kitty Angels is an all-volunteer organization. Every cent of every donation goes to caring for needy cats! Because the cost of caring for our cats continues to increase, we depend on the generosity of caring individuals.

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