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Stray Pets In Need of MA inc. (SPIN)

Natick, MA

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the well-being of animals and responsible human-animal relationships.

Stray Pets in Need of MA, Inc. was formed in 1991 to promote the well-being of animals and responsible human/animal relationships. Each year over 400 animals are placed in new, carefully selected adoptive homes.

Adoption Policy

To create the best possible match between you and your new family member, the following guidelines are in place for adoptions:

* Adopters must agree to keep cats indoors at all times. SPIN will not adopt a cat to a house with an indoor/outdoor cat.

* Adopters must keep their cat(s) in a carrier when transporting the cat(s).

* Adopters must agree not to declaw the cat(s) or have a tendonectomy performed.

* Renters are required to provide written evidence that they are allowed to have a cat or cats in their residence. Renters must also agree to take their cat(s) with them if they move.

* All members of the household that will reside with the cat must be present at the adoption. This helps ensure the pet is right for the household. (i.e. no allergies)

* SPIN cats may not be given as gifts.

* The cat or kitten must respond well to the person considering adoption. The Adoption Specialists know the personalities of each animal and will advise you of cats that are suited to your family and lifestyle. Some cats will not tolerate small children, dogs, or other cats. Some prefer to be independent, while others enjoy handling. The Adoption Specialists may refuse an adoption of the circumstances do not fit the needs of the cat(s).

* Kittens are almost always adopted in pairs unless there are other cats in the household. Single kittens often become bored and may become destructive or play rough with their humans.

* If an adopter finds that he or she is no longer able to keep an adopted cat, SPIN will take the cat back for rehoming (must be free of communicable diseases). We cannot refund adoption fees.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets