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Northeast Coonhound Rescue

P.O. Box 326
Lexington, MA 02420

Our Mission

Coonhounds and beagles are abandoned in shelters because in many parts of the country they have very little value as pets. They are often kept outside in pens and sometimes do not even have names. They are sometimes viewed as 'hunting equipment' and will even have numbers or symbols painted or tattooed on them. But hounds are highly sociable dogs - they love living with people too. Unfortunately, they are often surrendered after hunting season is over, or if as young dogs they do not prove themselves to be good trackers. They can also become stray after wandering off, as well as falling victim to changes in the owners health, finances or living situation - like all shelter dogs. Because they are so 'common' in the South and relatively unknown in the North, coonhounds often never make it out of shelters and are passed over by other dog rescue groups. Our mission is to educate people about the suitability of coonhounds as pets and to support hound adoption in the Northeastern states.

Adoption Policy

About our rescue
We are a foster based rescue. Our dogs are in foster homes throughout the area or in some cases in the south waiting to be transported north. We do not have a physical shelter. However, meet and greets are set up for approved applicants.


Step 1: Visit the Adoption Application page on our website.

Step 2: Read 'Is a Coonhound Right for You?'

Step 3: Fill out an application using one of the links listed.

If applying for a Beagle follow this link:

If applying for a Coonhound, follow this link:

Step 4: Let's Talk! One of our volunteers will contact you. You can also expect us to do a home visit, as well as a personal reference check and a vet check if you own other animals.

Our adoption fees are as follows:
Puppies (up to 1 yr old): $450*
Adults 1 to 8 $400
Adults 9 - Senior $300

Adoption fees include:
Spay/neuter (for dogs over 6 months)
Rabies, Distemper and Kennel cough vaccines
Testing for heartworm and tick born diseases (treated if necessary)
Examination by a veterinarian
Health certificate
Micro chip
Transport north
Mandatory 48 hours in a Massachusetts quarantine

*There is an additional $300 spay/neuter deposit for
unaltered puppies. It is refundable with proof of spay/neuter.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets