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CaRMaH (Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson)

Hudson, MA

Our Mission

We've changed our name!

We've been known as Metrowest Animal Awareness Society since 2002.  In 2012, we are sporting a new name: CaRMaH, Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson.  This new name better illustrates our goal of reducing feline homelessness in Marlborough and Hudson.

We are a group of foster homes in the Hudson/Marlborough area, and we welcome homeless kitties into our living room and laps, loving them until they move to their forever homes.

We also provide trap-neuter-return support for feral cats, so that they can live lives free of the dangers of reproduction, and vaccinated to assure their health and the health of the people in the community.

Adoption Policy

Please go to our web site,, to download an application.  Once approved, you can meet foster kitties in their homes.  When you've met your match, we have the cat/kitten seen by the vet for a final health certification.

We are a group of foster homes, so we don't have a shelter where folks can come and visit during set hours.  We do bring cats and kittens to Meow Mixers, community events where folks can meet and apply for felines.  We also arrange meetings in our homes after applications are approved.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets