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City of Boston Animal Shelter

26 Mahler Rd
Boston, MA 02131

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide responsive, efficient animal control services, to provide a high quality of animal care, and to promote responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Policy

Adopters must be 18+ in order to adopt. Other pets in the home must be up to date on rabies, and dogs should be licensed with your town or city. If you are interested in adopting a small animal, we will need to see a photo of their cage before you take your new pet home to make sure it is a suitable size.

Dog adoption fees: $200 for dogs 1 year and over, $300 for dogs under 1 year (+$15 for Boston residents to license)

Cat adoption fees: $100 for cats 1 year and over, $150 for cats under 1 year

Dog and Cat Adoptions include:
-Veterinary Exam
-Spay/Neuter Surgery
-Rabies vaccine (if old enough)
-Microchip identification and lifetime registration
-Flea-Tick preventative
-Necessary vaccines and tests

Small animals and birds: Varies, call or email for more information!

Small Animal and Bird Adoptions include:
-Veterinary Exam
-Necessary vaccines, parasite treatment and tests

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets