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NOLA's Ark Cats

P.O. BOX 1956
Metairie, LA 70004

Our Mission

NOLA’s Ark Cats
P.O. Box 1956
Metairie, LA 70004


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Our Mission
NOLA’s Ark Cats, Inc. ("NOLA’s Ark Cats") mission is to offer services to the community of Greater New Orleans area for the care of homeless cats and kittens. Such services include, but are not limited to: daily care and medical attention for homeless cats and kittens (including veterinary care and purchases of food and other supplies); foster and adoption options; neuter-trap-release for feral and homeless cats; and expertise and assistance to the community and to other caregivers of feral colonies. NOLA’s Ark Cats works to establish a network of animal caregivers whereby people can share ideas/information and offer assistance to each other. NOLA’s Ark Cats further aims to educate the community, and to invite participation by the community in the care of cats.

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, so any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Here are some ways that you can help us and our family of furry kitty critters:
Foster: Provide a temporary home to an adult or younger cat or two.
Donate: Food, scoopable litter, and comfort items (toys, blankets, crates, beds) are always needed!
Medical Care Help: We have an account with a local veterinarian, so donations can be made directly to our account for vet care, and you will know that every cent went toward the much needed care of the cats.
TNR Program: We are also looking for kind people with back yards and porches to accommodate feral and semi-feral outside cats for our Trap-Neuter-Return trapper and cat caretaker friends.

Thank you for your interest in NOLA's Ark Cats!

Adoption Policy

Adoption Information - Our Adoption Process

Contact our NOLA's Ark Cats volunteers to locate the kitten or cat you wish to adopt!
Contact us at the e-mail address in the listing to adopt or foster. If any other questions contact us via e-mail at

Discuss pet details with our coordinator.
Schedule and have a visit with the cat or kitten.
Complete an adoption agreement and pay adoption fee.
Go home with your new family member.
You may foster the cat or kitten before adopting.

Included in adoption fee:
Vaccinations, spay/neuter, flea preventative treatment, deworming, and health records,

1 - NOLA's Ark Cats Logo

2 - Our Kitties Love Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter Products and Dr. Elsey's Clean Protein Dry Cat Food! Check out all their products!

3 - Dusty adopted-his family says he is a sweetheart!

4 - Angel adopted-sweet companion kitty!

5 - Gabrielle adopted-lounging with her kitty

6 - Raven & Ash adopted together-buddies forever!

NOLA's Ark Cats Our Kitties Love Dr. Elsey's Cat Products! Dusty adopted-his family says he is a sweetheart! Angel adopted-sweet companion kitty! Gabrielle adopted-lounging with her kitty family! Adopted together - Raven & Ash buddies forever!

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