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Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana, Inc

Lafayette, LA

Our Mission

"Matching Pets with People", Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana's (ARF-LA) mission is to provide care, shelter and medical attention for stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs, and then place them in loving homes through our adoption process.

All animals are fully vetted and temperament tested before adoption. We have one main ARFanage kennel and a network of foster homes where our pets are housed until they find their new homes.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Requirements, In order to adopt your new family member, we require the following:

Bring an ID with current address.

You must be at least 21 years of age.

We require an application with references.

ALL current and past pets/animals MUST BE ALTERED (Spay/Neuter), up-to-date on vaccinations, Heart Worm tested yearly and on Heart Worm preventative. We will contact your vet for confirmation.

MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL SECURED FENCED IN YARD (unless you live in an apartment).

The entire household must meet an adult dog prior to adoption.

We require your landlord's phone number so that we can speak with him or her, to verify you have made the proper arrangements with your landlord.

If you currently own or have owned a pet in the past, we require your vets name and phone number so that we can speak with them, to verify you do and/or have taken proper care of your pet.

We require that our dogs be inside dogs. We do not adopt “outdoor dogs”
We take many things into consideration when making a decision about placing our pets in homes. Every situation is different, so please understand that we are trying to make the best match for both you and our furry friends.

After adopting an ARFLA dog, if at any time you are unable to keep the them, it is stated in the adoption contract that they MUST be returned to ARFLA. The dog may not be transferred to friends or family, nor taken to a shelter. ARFLA will always accept an dog that was originally owned by us.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets