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Pet Adoption Services Inc.

Kenner, LA

Our Mission

PAS seeks to advocate for the welfare of animals and enrich the human-animal bond through pet guardian and community education, including the promotion of spay/neuter of companion animals, provision of resources which contribute to owner retention, and reunion of pets with their people.

Adoption Policy

Our foster animals live in the homes of our volunteers. This gives us the opportunity to observe their behavior in a home setting and identify any issues that may need to be addressed. Our foster parents are located throughout the metro New Orleans area.

Since our animals are fostered in private homes, we ask that a brief online application be completed prior to meeting the pet. This is done for the safety of our volunteers and to ensure that the pet is a match for your home and to allow us to offer further recommendations.

Once you are approved for a pet, a meeting will be arranged in the home of the foster parent. If the pet is a match, he or she will go home with you on a foster-to-adopt basis for approximately a month. This allows you to make sure that the pet is a good fit for you home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets