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Our Mission

Rescue Revolution is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Animal Rescue, dedicated to rescuing abandoned and neglected animals off the streets and from local high kill shelters, many within minutes of being euthanized. We work tirelessly caring for our rescues, getting them to and from the vet, finding fosters, attending adoption events, getting animals vetted, and screening adoption applications. We rely 100% on tax deductible donations from good people like You!

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption Process is designed to help determine if a specific pet is the right one for you and your household. Our approval process is based on our knowledge, experience, lessons learned from past adoptions, and the pet.

Application and Adoption Process:

--Submit an Application
References are then checked, especially the Vet

--Meet and Greet
If your application is approved we will schedule for you and your family to meet the pet you choose; all members of the household, and any dogs in the home, must be present.

--Home Visit or Virtual Visit

--If approved, an Adoption Contract will be signed and the pet will be placed in your home.

Out of state:
We do adopt out of state but we do not deliver dogs, so the potential Adopter must be willing to travel here to meet the pet; this helps to ensure the rescue and the family are a good fit for a successful adoption. 
If any fees are incurred with transport back (travel crate, health certificate, ect.), the adopter is responsible.

Adoption Fee:
Adoption Fee/Donation for each animal partially covers vetting, spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchip. As we are a nonprofit organization, we do not make any money on these animals, usually only lose money. We need adoption donations to continue caring for the rescues in our care and start the process on the next rescued animal.
Adoption Fees are non-refundable donations.

General terms:
No animal will not be kept outside or made to live in an outside building, including cats. We adopt out additions to the family not lawn ornaments.
Unless specifically stated, we do not know the full breed of our dogs/puppies, so we cannot guarantee their adult size - we can only estimate the potential size each pup will grow to.
There is no guarantee of a rescue being crate-trained, potty-trained, walk on leash-trained, house-trained. You will have to invest time and energy toward creating positive routines and consistent expectations. They need consistency, routine, training, grace and lots of love.
Any information concerning the habits and history of the animal is passed to the Adopter in good faith. This information is based on statements made by the previous owner, foster, or rescue volunteer; however, there is no guarantee of accuracy. Each individual animal may respond different in new environments.

If circumstances change and you ever need to Rehome the animal, you must contact us with the new family's contact information if you already have a new home arranged or, if we have the space, can arrange for the pet to be returned to us but must be current on vaccinations at your expense. At no time can the pet be euthanized unless a certified Veterinarian certifies it is essential due to any condition that negatively affects their quality of life.

A friendly note:
Lying is not an option when filling out the adoption questionnaire. Do not state that you have a yard when you don’t have one or that you have a certain number of hours available per day when you are in constant battle with the clock. Why? Because the details you provide would help us recommend a compatible pet for you. Getting an active husky when you live in an apartment and don’t have time for daily walks would only make both you and the animal miserable, and no one wants that.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets