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Tangi Humane Society

46219 River Rd.
Hammond, LA 70401

Our Mission

Stop Cruelty
We investigate and work with local authorities to enforce laws to protect animals from abuse and neglect. Animal cruelty can be a felony in Louisiana. We actively work to aid in the prosecution and punishment of animal abusers.

Restore Health
When animals come into the care of Tangi Humane Society, they are first quarantined and receive appropriate veterinary care. We provide a safe, clean environment so they can heal, regain their strength and ultimately find new, loving homes.

Loving Homes
When our rescues are ready for adoption, we host Pet Adoption Days in the community so people can meet and possibly adopt our rescued pets. Applications are taken and carefully considered before any animal is adopted.

Teach Respect
Tangi Humane Society Volunteers speak in local elementary schools on the importance of humane animal care and responsible pet ownership. They also work with local community groups to raise funds and awareness to help end the cycle of animal neglect and pet overpopulation.

Stop Overpopulation
For all animals adopted from Tangi Humane, spay or neuter of the adopted animal is mandatory. When we speak in schools we emphasize the importance of the spay/neuter process and provide examples of how quickly things can get out of control.

Adoption Policy

Select pet; complete adoption application; when approved submit $150 adoption fee ($175 if you want pet microchipped); bring dog home.

  • day hours
    Monday 10AM-2PM
    Tuesday 10AM-2PM
    Wednesday 10AM-2PM
    Thursday 10AM-2PM
    Friday 10AM-2PM
    Saturday 9AM- 12PM
    Sunday -
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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets