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Our Mission

Is to promote the humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy and services. Taking homeless animals off the street is not our only mission, but to help and protect the health of our community and the health of the wildlife population. With the new education Washington Parish will receive with our shelter we hope to better promote heathy practices like spay and neuter, which we are working here at the shelter to provide low cost, but also to offer classes at the schools, and throughout the community, working with volunteers, which we have already had many people of the parish come by and offer services, and to offer information and classes here at the shelter to promote good training behavior and knowledge on how to better care for your animals, and the procedures on vetting animals properly. Animals can be one of the greatest assets to a community, and we are hoping to educate the parish and the animals on how to benefit our community. We hope to offer more services as we grow and expand.

Adoption Policy

We are an open Adoption shelter, the only specifications we have is, dogs must not be placed on runners for more than 4 total hours a day, Cats can not be declawed. All dogs in the home must meet the adoptable dog before adoption unless out of state.

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Recommended Pets