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Dog People of Livingston Parish

Denham Springs, LA

Our Mission

When it comes to dog welfare in Livingston parish, the need is evident. And if you put your nose to the ground you will find the want to help is strong and growing by the day.

Our mission is to promote the welfare of dogs in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Through volunteer efforts, we strive to give every homeless dog in our community the chance they deserve to be adopted by a loving family into a wonderful home. We are a dog welfare oriented, small, non-profit based in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. We are working to improve all aspects of companion animal life in our parish by educating the citizens about responsible pet care and heavily advocating for spay and neuter programs. We also have some dogs in foster homes waiting for adoption!

Dog People of Livingston is an all volunteer, 501c3 non-profit dog rescue determined to change the culture of our parish and bring in new ideas and programs to educate our children and pet lovers and ultimately hoist the welfare of our area animals to places some may not think possible.

Since 2013 we have been working with area shelters, rescues, veterinarians and citizens to develop solutions to promote our parish to be a better place for animals and our community.

1400 dogs and counting!

Future Goals and Endeavors
Heart Worm prevention and testing workshops
Quarterly Low cost spay and neuter clinics- going on now!
School education programs- happening now!
TNR program for cats
Fencing program for chained dogs

Adoption Policy

Step #1: Submit an Adoption Application (scroll down to submit)

(Please allow 2-3 days for processing. If you do not hear from a volunteer within 48 hours of submitting your application, please contact our team at

Step #2: Home Visit and Meet & Greet
Step #3: Adoption Paperwork & Fees

Puppies (under 6 months) Includes all puppy shots, rabies vaccination (at 12-14 weeks),one month of heartworm prevention, microchip (with registration), and spay/neuter (at 6 months of age). $200
Dogs (6 months & up) Includes all vaccinations (including rabies), one month of heartworm prevention, microchip (with registration), and spay/neuter. $150
Heartworm Positive Dogs Includes all vaccinations (including rabies), microchip (with registration), spay/neuter, and 2 months of heartworm medications (Proheart6 & Doxycycline). $125
Seniors for Seniors Includes all vaccinations (including rabies), microchip (with registration), and spay/neuter. Fee-waived
Veterans & Active- Duty Military Includes all vaccinations (including rabies), microchip (with registration), and spay/neuter. $50 discount

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets