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Sweet Animals Senior Sanctuary & Rescue - SASS&R

Pinsonfork, KY

Our Mission

SASS&R is committed to saving as many animals as we can provide individual attention, love, care and vet care until the time we can find the perfect furever furamily that is best suited to the pets personality, and energy level. If for some reason the pet isn't adjusting or for any other reason SASS&R will gladly take the pet back. Our pets always have a home with us. Pets are microchipped back to us and remain so for the pet's entire life.

Adoption Policy

I require a phone chat first with a potential adopter to get an idea of their expectations are when adopting a rescue animal. I want to make sure what they're looking for in the pet they are interested in is a match or is possible in that specific animal. I also get a feel as to whether this is a person I want to adopt to. If so, I'll email them an application. Once I receive it back I check their vet references, Landlords if they rent, HOA if applicable or Condo Assoc. and their personal references. I then require a home and yard check. Copy of drivers license and address must match the home address of app and home check. If all is approved, there is an adoption contract.

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