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Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue

Louisville, KY

Our Mission

Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue (KMAR) is a group of dedicated volunteers on a mission to improve and save the lives of animals in Kentucky. Our volunteer and foster families are spread out over a vast area of rural Kentucky encompassing more than thirty counties. We are unified by a common goal….every animal is deserving of a life full of love, security and care!

The volunteers at KMAR truly live by our motto every day….Live – Love – Rescue!

Adoption Policy

Requirements for Adoption

You must reside within a reasonable driving distance from us.
In most cases; we are unable to adopt out of the State of Kentucky. The exception is dogs we have in out of state foster homes.
You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt one of our dogs.
Valid photo ID with a current address
Home Visit must be conducted for safety check, Condos and apartments with balconies are discouraged.
If renting, documentation to prove permission to own an animal by landlord is required.
Condo-owners and members of Home Owner Associations must be prepared to show us the covenants of the association allowing a dog to live on the property.
We reserve the right to verify that Home Owners Insurance does not prohibit the dog you are adopting.
Fenced Yards may be required for certain breeds deemed to be “runners”.
Electric fences will not be approved.
We do not adopt “outdoor dogs”. We do not adopt dogs that you intend to keep chained outdoors. If you are not willing to have our dog live inside your home, please do not apply.
All adults in household must meet with our team member at the same time. Multiple meetings will not be set up.
At our discretion, some adoptions may require a background check
We do not process adoption applications for “secondary adopters”, an example of this is adopting a dog to be given to someone other than the applicant as a gift.
In those cases where there are more than one adoption application on a dog, we strive to place the dog in the home that is the best match for the dog. We will attempt to contact you with regret letters when that happens and encourage you to apply to adopt another dog in our program. If you do not hear from a team member it is likely that another family was chosen for the dog.

*Filling out an application for adoption is the first step.

Recommended Pets

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