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Kentucky Great Dane Rescue

Frankfort, KY

Our Mission

We are a foster-based, non-profit rescue program serving Great Danes and adoptive families in Kentucky & surrounding states. We are a 501(c)3 volunteer-based organization.

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Adoption Policy

When you adopt a Great Dane, you get an appreciative best friend for the duration of your Dane's life. As a breed in general they are loyal, intelligent and very loving.

Great Dane care is not overwhelming, yet every aspect of your dog's life depends on you. Making a decision to own a dog, especially a Great Dane, is a serious responsibility that should be considered.

Fortunately, our Danes have helped us get it right over the years and asked that we pay it forward:)

It is common knowledge that caring for a dog requires shelter, food, water, grooming and veterinary care. Understand that with a Great Dane, these tangible requirements are greater than a canine of a smaller size.

How big are Great Danes really?
Good question, have a look at our Great Dane growth chart for a comparison of age, weight, and height.

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