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Forgotten Felines of Corbin KY

Corbin, KY

Our Mission

Forgotten Felines was created solely to fight against cat overpopulation in the Corbin KY area. We hold low-cost spay/neuter clinics for owners who need help in preventing more litters. We also capture feral cats in the area spay/neuter them rabies vaccinate them for the health of the general population and return them to safe areas where they will be watched over. If needed we take in sick/injured/unwanted cats/kittens vet them including vaccines and sterilizing and work to find them homes. We have also held low-cost vaccination clinics to fight against diseases that can be spread by both dogs and cats. Forgotten Feline works strictly through donations.

Adoption Policy

Potential pet parents will begin the process by filling out an online application. You can do this at the link provided. All questions must be answered truthfully to the best of your ability. We will not approve adopters who intend to declaw the cat or have the cat outdoors. After receiving the application and reviewing it you will be contacted and receive our decision. If approved and a meet and greet is done to assure you and the cat will be a good match, a final contract is signed.

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