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Missy's HEART, Inc.

Columbia, KY

Our Mission

Missy's HEART stands for "Helping Every Animal Receive Treatment." The goal of our charity is to prevent euthanasia for pets that have the potential to live fulfilling lives in loving homes. Part of that goal involves giving surrendered pets a chance at a new life, whether those pets are strays that have been hit by a car or pets that suffered an illness to great for their previous owners to handle. Some animal shelters euthanize animals that are surrendered with injuries or illness, even when they may be treatable with proper care. We aim to do our part in providing another option for care and adoption.

Adoption Policy

Potential owners fill out an application and set up a visitation with one of our adoptable pets. They may be asked questions by staff regarding plans for the pet's future care and observed interacting with the pet. If the staff's opinion is the pet/adopter are a good fit, the adopter pays the adoption fee, signs some paperwork, and takes the pet home. Our staff may decline the adoption if they believe it would not be a good fit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets