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Doe Valley Cats TNR

Brandenburg, KY

Our Mission

Mission: To improve the lives of neighborhood cats, wildlife, and residents through TNR efforts aimed at stopping cat overpopulation.

Vision: A community unburdened by stray cat overpopulation; where unowned cats are fixed and vaccinated, and adopted, when possible; and where residents have easy access to animal welfare resources.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters must complete, sign, and return a Doe Valley Cats TNR adoption application and agreement. These can be found on our rescue website at, or by emailing Included in the application and agreement are clauses that permit one of our rescue representatives either to visit the applicant's home to check for suitability or require the applicant to send the rescue pictures of their home. If approved to adopt, the applicant must pay a $45 adoption fee to cover the cost of the cat's microchip (which will be implanted at the vet before they are adopted) before adoption. There is a two-week trial/adjustment period after adoption during which the cat can be returned to Doe Valley Cats TNR for any reason. After that timeframe, the cat's microchip will be registered in the new owner's name. Our rescue will follow up with adopters to check on the cat after adoption. If at any point the adopter decides not to keep the cat, they must return it to Doe Valley Cats TNR. The cat cannot be rehomed, taken to a shelter, or released, as outlined in the adoption agreement.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets