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Our Mission

At Flufflepuff, our mission goes beyond mere rescue; it's a testament to love in action. We prioritize the well-being and feelings of our residents above all else, ensuring each one is spayed, neutered, and vaccinated against the horrors of RHDV2, the deadly hemorrhagic disease.

In the face of adversity, we stand strong, fueled by compassion and determination, our approach is revolutionary. We believe in spacious enclosures and the best exotic veterinary care, rejecting the confines of cages that harm both body and spirit. Flufflepuff is not just a rescue; it's a sanctuary of healing, led by a team of selfless individuals who work tirelessly, without compensation, for the sole benefit of our beloved rabbits.

Our commitment extends beyond the bounds of our shelter, fostering a supportive community that champions the welfare of rabbits everywhere. Through compassionate care, advocacy, and education, we strive to create a universe where every rabbit is cherished and their needs are met with the utmost love and attention.

We invite you to join us in our noble cause, to support our efforts in bringing about meaningful change in our community. Together, let us raise our voices and petition for a future where all rabbits are valued, cherished, and given the chance to thrive.

Adoption Policy

Did you know, the cost of spay/neutering your pet rabbit locally can typically cost from $175-$600, depending on which procedure and clinic you choose?

At Flufflepuff, all our adoptable rabbits have already been fully inspected and cared for medically by Animal Health Center of Wichita. Dr. Dina and her friendly and knowledgeable team have spay/neutered and double vaccinated each and every bunny against RHDV2, the deadly hemorrhagic disease.

Everybunny at Flufflepuff has also been litterbox trained and well socialized. Our bunnies are used to being around a large dog and two cats that freely roam. Women and men hold, love, and interact with the bunnies. Large humans with beards, tiny humans with high pitched voices, laughter, crying, life happening around them.

We never use cages, they are unacceptable. Rabbits do not belong in cages, they belong on the floor.

All bunnies at Flufflepuff live in a minimum 4X4 enclosure with room to flop, binky, and express their natural lagomorphic instincts.

To initiate the adoption process, please fill out an electronic application and answer questions regarding rabbit care and home environment. Expect electronic communications and photos of the rabbit's new home environment before the adoption is finalized.

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