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Beak n' Wings, Inc.

9010 Rosehill Rd
Ste. B
Lenexa, KS 66215

Our Mission

Beak N Wings, Inc. is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and the only licensed shelter for exotic birds (mostly parrots) in Kansas.  We are located in Lenexa, KS (a suburb of Kansas City). We are dedicated to helping birds who are being displaced from their homes. Our rescued parrots live in foster homes, are treated like companions (pets) and rehabilitated if necessary, therefore only a limited number are housed in our facility in Lenexa. Most of our birds stay in our volunteers homes as fosters. We have found that this provides them with the best environment for successful rehabilitation.

Adoption Policy

Because most of our birds are in private homes, they are only able to receive visitors by appointment at our facility at our facility at 9010 Rosehill Rd in Lenexa, KS, usually on weekends. We also take them to outside events. If you would like to know where we will be taking them, please visit Beak n Wings, Inc. on Facebook.

Our adoption process does take some time, generally a few weeks. As an all-volunteer group we have limited people power and most of our volunteers have full-time jobs as well. Our priority is not to have a speedy process, but a careful one that ensures proper placement of our companion birds. Multiple changes can be difficult for the bird, and we wish to ensure their safety. You can read our adoption process and FAQ on our website.

We serve Kansas City and up to 150 miles in the area surrounding Lenexa,

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