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The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

5445 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66104

Our Mission

Our mission is to save and improve the lives of dogs and cats throughout the Greater Kansas City community by providing preventive veterinary care and spay/neuter services, education and adoptions.

Adoption Policy

Thanks for considering adopting a rescue pet through the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City!

Here’s what to expect when you adopt a pet:
• Complete and submit your online adoption survey.
• A member of our staff will review your information and contact you to schedule an appointment.
• Your appointment will include a conversation with an adoption coordinator and ample time to visit the pet of your choice or one of our other our adoptable pets. Keep in mind that some of our pets are in our facility while others are with foster parents.
• Once you have made the decision to adopt a pet, we will reserve him or her for you. If your pet has had a recent bath and wellness check by our veterinarian, you can take him or her home the same day! In other cases, we will need to arrange pick up a day or two later. Our goal is to send you home with a healthy pet!
• In addition to having the support of our staff you’ll receive information (and coupons) to help your new pet adjust to his or her new home.
• We also have leashes, collars, toys and other supplies available.

About healthy pets:
• All of our pets have been spayed or neutered, have received age appropriate vaccinations, and have been microchipped.
• Puppies and kittens who are too young to receive all the necessary boosters and/or first rabies shot may be brought back to us for those vaccines at no extra charge.

• Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our staff and clients safe. This includes wearing masks and limiting the number of people inside our shelter at any given time.

Please visit our web site at HSGKC.ORG for more info about adopting a pet, fees and what's included.

Dog Adoptions: email or call (913) 521-2339
Cat Adoptions: email or call (913) 521-2337

Providing foster care is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving and improving the lives of homeless pets. We need foster homes for dogs and cats, both short term and long term. Kittens, puppies, seniors, pets recovering from medical issues, energetic dogs who need lots of exercise, hospice pets... there are many needs! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please visit our website to submit an online form. Thank you!

HSGKC is a private, non-profit organization that has served the greater Kansas City area since 1912! We became the first no-kill shelter in Kansas City in 1994. Our affordable care veterinary clinic helps our community take care of their pets and saves lives through spaying and neutering.

We provide a clean and comfortable environment with behavior enrichment for our pets while they wait for a new home. Our cats enjoy their days and nights sleeping, playing and eating in our sunny cat rooms. Most of our cats are not confined to cages. Our free roaming policy not only provides a nice environment for our felines while they wait for their new homes, but it also allows us to get to know them better. We know which ones are the most playful, or very mellow, or will come running at the opportunity to sit on a volunteer's lap. This helps us to make a perfect match for you. And it provides a nice environment for you to come in to get to know our cats, too.

Our dogs have indoor/outdoor dog kennels with big play yards and an agility course yard. We take in many special needs dogs -- so enriching their lives is especially crucial. Our BEG program (Behavior Enrichment Group) enriches the physical well-being of our shelter dogs by providing mental health stimulation, exercise and training. BEG staff and volunteers improve our shelter dogs' lives through agility and obedience training, pack walks, play groups, day trips, overnight stays, and more. Our adoption process assists us in helping you to find the perfect match.

Our affordable care clinic provides veterinary care and spay/neuter services to help people on a limited budget take care of their pets and prevent pet overpopulation. We believe socioeconomic status should not determine the level of care an animal receives. Every pet deserves quality healthcare, and we are here to provide that service to those in need. Please visit our web site at HSGKC.ORG for more information about the services we provide and to make an appointment.

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