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Clancy's Dream Inc.

Seymour, IN

Our Mission

The global mission of Clancy’s Dream is to bring help and hope to Border Collies in times of need.  We provide rescue, medical, rehabilitation, and adoption assistance. Locally, we also help families who are unable to afford medical help to care for a sick or injured Border Collie. Via community outreach, we encourage responsible pet ownership; however, if a family decides that they must give up a beloved pet, we take pride in finding a good and safe environment for their surrendered animal.

Adoption Policy

When you adopt any companion animal, especially a rescue, it is a commitment that will affect your lifestyle for many years to come. Do you have the time, energy and resources necessary to devote to a new member of the family? With good care, most Border Collies will live 10 to 17 years. It is critical that you consider what is likely to be happening in your own life — before you adopt a pet.

If you can provide a healthy, safe and loving home and would like to adopt a Clancy’s Dream rescued Border Collie the next step is to read our Adoption Process Quick Facts and then complete the Adoption Application. Please note that the application is not an agreement to adopt a pet. Improper placement can end tragically — usually for the dog. This comprehensive application helps us to place the right dog with the right family.

An adoption interview will be scheduled either by phone or in person upon review of the application. The level of experience required, need for a fence, adequate exercise space, hours the animal may be left alone, young children and other pets in the home, etc will be discussed in the adoption interview and will be determined according to the need of each dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets