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Our Mission

We rescue herding dogs, sporting dogs and working dogs, the type that have been bred for years to work and bond with their people. We specialize in Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Shepherd mixes, lab mixes and hound mixes. Beagles also are near and dear to our hearts as they are the ultimate family dog. We rescue shelter dogs in predominantly Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas high kill shelters and we work with any shelter in need. Our goal is to save great dogs in unfortunate situations. We keep a dog for no less than 60 days to observe their physical and mental attributes while we treat any needed medical concerns. Socialization is of utmost importance to ensure our adopters have a positive experience with their new family members. We invest as much time as it takes to arrive at the point of "available for adoption." Our adopters are just as important to us as our adoptive dogs and adopters are key to shelter dog life saving efforts. Join our family at All American Dawgs !

Adoption Policy

We require an approved adoption application.
A verifiable commitment to your pets health and safety is tantamount to our adoptions. We want to ensure each adoption will be a good match for each adopter so we thank you for providing information via your application. We want their new homes to be the last stop for our great dogs.
Your completed application can be returned via text message, Facebook message on our Facebook page (, by email at or snail mail to All American Dawgs, PO Box 524, Rockport, IN 47635.
Once we process your application and you have been approved (2-3 days), we will work with you to arrange a mutually convenient Meet N Greet. All potential adopters must meet their new dog in person and we encourage adopters to bring their other dogs at this time. At the Meet N Greet we provide you with all shelter documentation and details, veterinary records and our adoption contract. (Please note if future events require you to give up your dog, the dog is contractually required to be returned to All American Dawgs.) You may spend as much time as you like with your potential new companion and we will answer all questions that you might have.
Should the adopter choose to adopt, the dog gets to go home with his new family! Our adoption contract must be signed, adoption fee of $180 is required at this time and is non-refundable.
Please have a potty routine pre-planned with an indoor kennel or crate to give your newbie a successful new start. We do not adopt out any dog as housebroken (whether they are or they are not, since they will have accidents until they become acclimated to their new home and routines)
Enjoy your new family member and make great memories together. Our dogs are represented all over the United States, from California to New York, to Upper Minnesota to Texas and everywhere in between. They are military veteran service dogs, they are disc dogs, ranch dogs, they compete in agility, obedience trials, they are hiking buddies, dock dogs, traveling companions and most importantly, they are best friends and dogs of a lifetime.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets