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Monkey Cat's Memorial Rescue & Home for Wayward Cats

Richmond, IN

Our Mission


Questions are accepted via email or Petfinder App ONLY.

Transport is available throughout the Midwest, and parts of the East Coast. Long distance adopters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Monkey Cat passed away on May 25th, 2019. His legacy is a mission to rescue all cats (and a couple pups, too) from a life on the streets. We are a private rescue, with a network of caring fosters. We provide safe space, as well as medical care, spay and neuter, and rehoming for kittens and cats in the Wayne County area of Indiana. We also assist with local TNR efforts and transportation and placement services for other locally rescued pets. Our funds come primarily from a supportive network of other animal lovers across the US, and from our own pockets.

Adoption Policy

We have an application PDF that we will send to you. We will check vet/landlord/work or personal references, then go over some important points about pet ownership, including our no declawing policy, return policy, and indoor-outdoor pet policy. If an adopter's ownership philosophy matches ours, we will discuss family situation and needs and share additional photos of cats and kittens who might suit their family. Transportation will be arranged once a pet is chosen.

Adoption Application

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Recommended Pets