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Our Mission

Reduce the over-breeding, educate communities on its importance and assist any way we can. Help find homes for the homeless, abandoned & neglected animals.

Adoption Policy

Tuff Dawgs Rescue is a no kill all volunteer foster-based rescue. There is no brick n mortar shelter. There is no state funding. It is just us. Yes, we rely on adoption fees and donations to keep operating.

Adoption fees are donations to the rescue to help cover past present & future expenses for all dogs...whether it is the dog you are adopting or other dogs in our care.

ADOPTION: Apply here today, at our convenient online application:

FOSTER: Apply here today, at our convenient online application

Approval process - We would love to get you pre-approved.

* Application completed online
* Landlord letter (if renting) must state there are no breed/size restrictions
* Homeownership - must show proof
* Vet Records/Reference Letter
* Virtual home check
* Still pictures of home interior/yard
* Meet & Greet with Physical Home Check - All home residents & current pets - leashed for SLOW introductions - MUST be present
* Approval/Denial
* Contract with Adoption Donation Fee (non-refundable)
* Your NEW Family member is HOME!!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to speak with you!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets