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Adoption Policy

If you are adopting from a rescue, you are Step 2 in the rescue process. Rescued animals are rarely perfect. We save them, get them immediate vet care, and find them homes. Step 2 is YOU, the adopter. You must be willing to provide follow-up care for any issues that arise in the future. If you can't afford their care, please don't apply.

Veterinary references are important as well. After emailing in a completed application, board members will comb through the details taking different things into consideration. Some dogs need fences, some don't. Some cats need to be indoors, some don't. Each animal has an individual set of needs and we don't feel like you can have ONE set of blanket rules to pertain to all pets. They are as individual as we are. Some of us require mansions, while others are happy in a cardboard box. Good pet owners are the most diverse people on the planet.

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