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Our Mission

We are foster-based animal rescue that works with our local community and aims to help owners keep their pets. When that is not possible, we work with them to rehome their pets safely and responsibly while also providing the pets with any necessary vetting. We often work with local shelters to help place their animals in loving forever homes. Most of these animals are local strays whose families were never found.

Adoption Policy

No phone calls, please. We attempt to list all known information about the pets in our care in their write ups. We suggest carefully reading the information that is provided. If you are viewing the ad, then the pet is still available and we are still accepting applications. We will not respond to "Is this pet available?" inquiries. The answer is "Yes" so do an application if you are interested.

The first and required step of the adoption process is to complete an adoption application on our website or at the link provided. Please be sure to include any questions you have on the application. One application works for all of our dogs. We do not operate on a first come first served basis. We place animals in the home based on best fit. Our descriptions attempt to cover any potential questions and lists all known information about the pets . Our write ups indicate what requirements we have for each pet, for example some require physically fenced yards, others may require no cats in the home, etc. Please, only apply for a pet in which you meet the requirements.

After we review the applications, we will arrange individual meet and greets. Our hours are set up by appointment only. We review applications a couple of times a week. If the ad is still listed, then we are still accepting applications and the pet is still available. If you rent, please be aware of your pet policies on your lease.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets