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South Central Newfoundland Rescue

Indianapolis, IN

Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserving the lives, health and welfare of Newfoundland's. Our organization covers the multi-state territory defined as being within a 200 mile radius of Columbus Indiana.

We will accept any pure bred Newfoundland regardless of age or physical condition.

The Newfoundland is a giant breed whose weight is in the vicinity of 125lbs - 150 lbs. Plus, The Newf is considered to be a high maintenance dog which requires grooming every day. A high quality dog food must be provided for the health of the Newf. Veterinary bills can be quite expensive considering the size of the Newf and the dosage of the medication required. No Newfoundland is ever placed in a home unless fencing is provided. No Newf is ever adopted for guard or security dog status. All Newfs must live inside the home with the adoptee. All Newfs are adopted out as pets only. A Newfoundland's temperament is gentle and laid back. They bond quickly with their new owners and adore children. No human is ever their enemy and they would give up their lives to protect their families.

Any pure bred Newfoundland that is legally turned over to us, is immediately taken to one of our participating veterinarians for a complete health check, vaccinations if needed, and is spayed/neutered. The Newf is then placed into one of our foster homes for an undetermined length of time (depending on the Newf's condition) for a complete evaluation of the Newf's retraining, rehabilitation, and restoring of health. The Newf will be kept in foster care as long as necessary to prepare it for entry into its new and permanent home. Due to the care and consideration we take in placing the "rescued" Newf, our success rate is approximately 95%.

Adoption Policy

A $400.00 donation for adults, or $500 for puppies less than 18 months of age, is requested to help defray the actual expenses incurred by the committee for the care of Newfoundland's surrendered to SCNRescue. We rarely get puppies less than 8 months of age unless they have major medical issues. We recommend if purchasing from a breeder.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets