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Pink Heart Rescue

Indianapolis, IN

Our Mission

Here at Pink Heart Rescue our mission is to educate owners, breeders and other rescues on the merle gene and how it affects the dog we love. Double Merle is the common term for homozygous merles or dogs with 2 copies of the merle gene. This gene causes the dog who is effected to have more white fur than the breed would generally have. These dogs are also often vision and or hearing impaired and it can be as severe as completely blind and deaf. Although these dogs have special needs they can usually lead fairly normal, healthy live.

Here at Pink Heart Rescue we strive not only to educate about Double Merle dogs but to assist Double Merle owners who need help with training or caring for their dog, help breeders and owners who may have not been prepared to take on the responsibility of a Double Merle dog, and help place Double Merle dogs in fitting homes that are prepared to work with a special needs dog and will be a forever home.

While our rescue primarily focuses on the breeds Great Danes and Cardigan Welsh Corgis we are willing to help as many people and pooches that we possibly can so don't hesitate to shoot us a message.

A Pink Heart Rescue we strive to put our dogs first. And educate, train, and rescue for the greater good of the breeds we all adore.

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