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Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue

Indianapolis, IN

Our Mission

Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue, Inc is focused on providing caring forever homes for unwanted and abandoned Great Pyrenees and reducing the number of Pyrenees forced into rescue. In addition to the traditional reactive processes associated with animal rescue, IGPR strives to develop proactive approaches to dealing with the issues of unwanted and abandoned animals. In all endeavors IGPR utilizes a humane approach to animal care and housing while respecting the public’s trust that we operate with the highest level of fiduciary responsibility in program implementation.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption and foster applications are available on our website, For applications for working dogs, please send an e-mail to and request we e-mail one to you.

For adopters and fosters, you must be over 25 years old, own your own home, have visible fencing a minimum of 4' tall and in some cases 6', SEcure fencing is required for Great Pyrenees because they are born to roam. They can over 5 miles in an hour if they choose to. We do not adopt to homes with overhead trolleys or tie outs either. The dogs can hang themselves on trolleys. Tie outs are not good because it does not allow your dog to walk the perimeter of the territory they are in. This breed cannot be taught territorial boundaries and safely remain in them. Electric fencing and collars do not work for this breed, as they will take the shock for the freedom.

No children in the household under 6 years old, and in some cases older, based on the personality of the dog. . Great Pyrenees are large dogs and can accidentally knock over young children or children can fall on them and when the dog reacts, then the custodian of the dog does not feel safe with them around a child. No matter what the age of your child, a new dog should always be supervised with them.

If you have had pets in the past 10 years, we REQUIRE a veterinarian reference with complete contact information, and ask that you notify the practice they have your approval to release information about the care of your pets. Personal references should only be provided if it has been 10 years or longer since you have had a pet, or have never owned a pet.

If you have not kept your dogs up to date on vaccinations or kept them on year round heartworm preventative, you will not be approved to adopt, unless there is a medical reason your pet could not be vaccinated or on heartworm preventative.

We do require a home visit and fence check before adoption approval. If you have adopted a dog from another rescue organization in the last 3 years, and have not moved, we can use that home visit and fence check report in lieu of another home visit. You will need to provide the contact info in order for us to request the report.

You may think these are a lot of requirements from IGPR, Inc., in order for you to adopt a new dog. However, these dogs have already lost one or more homes, and we do our best to educate you about the breed, and to insure the dog is a good fit for your situation in our adoption process. We know many of you may love and feed your pets, but responsible pet care also require you are financially able to provide medical care for your dog as needed, and that you have a living situation in which you and the dog can develop a permanent and safe relationship.

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