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Our Mission

Rescuing street cats and strays off west side Indpls for over 10 years now..

Each cat and kitten that comes into our rescue , has there very own sad story.
Starved, full of fleas, worms, not vetted at all, out in the elements, sometimes pregnant too, some have been injured by coyotes, or cars?. Some have been threatened harm from the current tenants at the complex.
I feed 2 colonies at this complex daily.
I do allow mom cats to have there kittens, than vet all!

Each cat and kitten deserves that special loving inside only home,(unless you have a catio) and to be part of a loving ,and responsible family! I make a commitment to each life that comes in to the rescue to do my due diligence to find that perfect home for them! My mission is to find homes that know that pet owing is a life time commitment!
Saving Cats and Kittens from the west side of Indianapolis, mostly from a section 8 apartment complex on west side, and local business's. All cats/kittens have been spayed or neutered, de wormed at least twice, flea meds administered monthly, first and sometimes second round of kitten shots given.... Rabies shots and tested for Fiv and Leuk... All cats and kittens are microchipped.... I am NOT a non profit, and pay for all vetting and food, supplies my self. We have a small volunteer crew of senior citizens , plus my hubby of course to asssit... Thank you God.... Please consider helping me to help them. Thank you Jenny Jones
Saving one cat will not change the world, but for that one cat... the world will change forever.

Adoption Policy

$100 adoption fee cash at time of delivery of your chosen kitty! I spay/neuter, test for Fiv and Leuk, shots first set and rabies, chip, de worm and de flea all when they are at 4 mo or at intake if adult cats.... I actually spend about $80 more than what I'm asking on each cat for vetting alone, so If you at all can afford ,please plan to pay me around $180 per cat would be a big help! You will receive all copies and tags, chips for each kitty from the vet. I do not do impluse shoppers, plan to go thru the rescue adoption application that I will supply you, set up appt to come meet, and I will bring kitty back to you on your next day off after checking out your references and application. I attempt to complete all this with in week of coming to see kitty...If I can get a hold of your landlords and vet references quicker we can do next day adoptions......I really appreciate you considering our little private cat rescue and all our babies who so deserve great forever homes...
Thanks for understanding..Jen

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