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We at Animal House Rescue Sanctuary are a recovery Sanctuary. This means every animal that lands in our care has a safe sound home until their forever home comes along. We are not a forever sanctuary but are until you are healed physically mentally and emotionally refuge sanctuary. There is no time frame and every animal owns its recovery timeline and pace. My ultimate goal is to place and find everyone their perfect happiness forever by adopting out responsibly. With all this comes big responsibilities and huge needs. Success is laborious and without community support impossible. We need you! Please donate to keep our rescue safe. Right now need, dog food and funds for routine and medical vet care.

Directly to the vet:
Bluffton Animal Clinic LLC
Acct Client 101315 Animal House.

•Venmo: @ AHRSdonate

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•Zelle: 609-992-6649 deposit directly into the rescue account.


•Mailed/Ship too: 
185 w 416 s Huntington IN 46750

Adoption Policy

Great new!!

You’ve decided to add a new furry friend to your family, right? Right!

We believe in being upfront and honest about our rescue adoption expectations and standards, as well as our process. Including complete transparency, principles, and honesty to best offer both you and our adoptable animals a chance of a successful adoption. We share all known detailed information about every pet in our care.

This helps adopters (you) make an educated, informed decision when it comes to adopting one of ours. We make sure all potential adopters are informed and aware of our adoption policy and each dog/cat/rabbit's personality, daily needs, health and behavior history, any probable long-term concerns, and all known behaviors. We share it all! We hope you will give us the same courtesy, as it is crucial to match our pets with the right Forever Family.

What to expect when adopting from AHRS? Besides all of the above, a supportive rescue family. Our adopters become family too. They will never just be a number. We strive and hope we stay involved/in touch, and that you can find in us a friend. We offer lifetime support to all our AHRS animals and adopters. We are always available to answer any questions concerns doubts or a listening ear.

We want to get to know all potential adopters as much as they want to get to know the pet they are interested in adopting. So be prepared to complete an adoption application that asks for detailed specific information about you, your family, your home/environment, and day-to-day life. But more importantly, do include detailed information questions about specific needs wanted desires requests do's, and don't when wanting to adopt. This helps us offer other available adoptables you may not be aware of. Basic but crucial information to help best place our adoptable pets and please you. Please ask as many questions as you need to. Be as picky and specific as you need to be. This is what makes our adoptions successful and forever.

You should expect a very thorough but simple basic screening. The process takes time being an all-volunteer base program. Vet reference check, meet and greets,
answering all questions asked by potential adopters and vice versa. Making the process slow but steady. But more importantly successful. Adoption should never be an impulsive decision. But yes passionate informative and confident.

We also offer a trial period, pup dates, and as many meet and greets as needed within reason until we are all on the same page.

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