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Our Mission

Our cats/kittens are loved and cherished by Rescue Me. We ADOPT (not sell) cats and kittens. This process requires application where references are checked, then if approved a contract that ensures the proper care of animals. The adoption fee is considered a donation and returns into the rescue for the care of next cat/kitten. We encourage and teach methods of lifetime commitment just as one would a family member. We want what is best for our adoptees and work to help make the adjustment smooth and enjoyable. If for any reason the adoptor or adoptee cannot stay together, we require they come back to us rather than end up at a shelter, tossed outside or worst yet.

Adoption Policy

Many of our cats and kittens who are currently searching for their forever homes are posted on Facebook as well as Petfinder.  You can visit some of our furry friends in person at the Petsmart located in Noblesville, Indiana.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets