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Lake County Sheriff's Animal Control & Adoption Center

3011 W. 93rd Ave.
Crown Point, IN 46307

Our Mission

Lake County Sheriff’s Animal Adoption and Control Center seeks to provide refuge and promote the ethical treatment of animals in a healthy, safe, and clean environment. We strive to educate the public with the same tenacity and compassion as we use to shelter our animals, and we believe that every cat and dog deserves a fair chance at finding a loving home despite their age, breed, or how long they have been at our facility.

Adoption Policy

-Identification is mandatory for anyone 18+ in the household
-Must be 21+ to adopt or foster
-Anyone 18+ who resides in the home must pass a background check
-Adopters must remain in accordance with local domestic animal ownership laws
-If you rent, you must provide the landlord's written permission or lease agreement allowing you to own a pet
-Current owned animals must be Spay/Neutered and up to date on the Rabies Vaccine

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