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Loving Paws Animal Center

Battle Ground, IN

Our Mission

LPAC's mission is to rescue, treat & house homeless felines in a loving, respectful and attentive family environment.

Adoption Policy

Loving Paws Animal Center, Inc. has a “NO” declaw policy. No feline should be declawed for any reason, unless due to injury or non-treatable infection that is vet recommended with a second opinion. Declawing a kitty has eight side effects and most of which are long-term. This includes: back pain, infection, refusal to use the litter box, paw pain & nerve damage, lameness, joint pain, and behavioral changes. Felines use their claws for balance, grooming, self-defense, hunting, marking their territory, alleviate boredom, and exercise. Please do not declaw your adopted family member.

Loving Paws Animal Center, Inc. has an “INDOOR” only policy. No feline should be left outside or an indoor/outdoor family pet. Over 90% of our rescues were saved from the outdoor elements. They have been rehabilitated and socialized according to each one of their previous living situation(s). Felines have a better chance in life being indoors. They are less likely to contract contagious diseases; they live happier, healthier and safer lives being in the home with their family. Please DO NOT put your adopted furry family member outside.

Loving Paws Animal Center, Inc. has a “return” to rescue policy. If you at any time are unable to keep your adopted cat, please contact LPAC. No animal adopted through LPAC should be taken to another rescue/shelter, re-homed to a family member, friend or stranger at any time, for any reason.

Loving Paws Animal Center, Inc. requires "renters" to have landlord approval prior to adoption. For the protection of our cats, LPAC will verify approval.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets