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Our Mission

FAT CAT RESCUE is a 501C3 licensed rescue for all types of animals who are lucky enough to come through our doors. We have received our 501C3 non-profit tax status and now all donations are tax deductible. When cats come to us they may be sick and skinny, but by the time we have loved them up they have become Fat Cats with healthy bodies, higher self esteem, greater trust in humans and a joy of living they haven't experienced in a long time if ever. So when we call a cat "Fat" we mean healthy and happy in every way possible.

Adoption Policy

With COVID 19 we are short volunteers so it's hard to get specific info for you.  We suggest you submit an application, get approved and then an appointment would be set up for you to come meet a few of the cats and see who captures your attention, In a face covering/gloved area for everyone's safety

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets