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Garlan H Britton Animal Sanctuary

Rockford, IL

Our Mission

In memory of my father, Garlan H. Britton, a pioneer in animal rescue, Our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe home for senior animals to live out their final years, to take in homeless, abused and abandoned animals and provide them with complete vetting, training, and place them into carefully screened forever homes, To provide financial assistance to to pet owners in need in order to prevent over population through spaying and neutering and provide emergency assistance towards vaccinations and food when pet owners find themselves unable to care for their animals. To provide education to pet owners in an effort to encourage them to keep their pets and therefore keep them out of shelters, to treat all living things as we as humans want to be treated, to be transparent in our relationships, to gauge our success by the extent of the animals lives that are saved and improved and by the positive experience of the people we touch. Our goal is to create an environment where all companions are valued and loved with the promise of a safe and permanent home, with the hope to help end animal abandonment and euthanasia of treatable animals and those who do not present a danger to itself or others, following the definition and policy of No Kill

In memory of Garlan H Britton Steve Knaack and Angela Britton

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