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Whiteside County Animal Control

1701 Industrial Park Rd
Rock Falls, IL 61071

Our Mission

Whiteside County Animal Control is committed to providing efficient, pro-active, and compassionate response to mitigate citizen's animal issues and to strictly enforce existing ordinances and state laws pertaining to animal care and welfare and public safety.

Adoption Policy

Application for Adoption
Only persons interested in specific animals in the Adoption Center will be permitted to complete an application. Forms must be filled out completely or the application will be denied. Anyone interested in an animal different than the animals in the Adoption Center will be placed on a list for future animals matching their request.

The following are reasons for denial of the application to adopt: 1) person having been investigated for abuse towards an animal and evidence has been found to support the allegation; 2) person’s present dog does not have current rabies vaccination and registration; 3) person not at least 18 years old, or
4) person making an omission or false statement on the application.

The applicant must be able to give the animal proper veterinarian care including, but not limited to, rabies vaccination and county registration. The applicant must also be able to provide the animal with adequate and sufficient food and water along with the proper shelter if left outside even for a short period of time (applicant cannot intend to keep animal outside).

No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter the Adoption Center unless accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian.

Anyone adopting a dog currently vaccinated against rabies who resides in Whiteside County must pay the county registration at time of adoption. If the dog is not vaccinated against rabies at the time of adoption, the Adopter must sign an agreement to transport the dog to a veterinarian and have the dog vaccinated against rabies within a specified time period. The Adopter will be given a list of participating veterinarian clinics that collect the registration fee at time of rabies vaccination. A Whiteside County tag will be issued. Anyone who lives outside Whiteside County will be advised to contact their local Animal Control for instructions on how to register their dog.

Once the person has chosen an animal, an application will be completed. The applicant must provide the following; 1) copy of their Driver’s License or Photo ID, 2) proof of residency, 3) letters from DHS or SS if the applicant is on Link, Social Security or Medicare, and, 4) two references, and 5) if the applicant rents, a letter from their landlord will be required. Animal Control staff will have three business days to process an application and make a determination on the outcome of the application. The applicant will be notified by a phone call.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets