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Our Mission

1. Feed and care for the colony. Trap and rescue all kittens and cats. Spay/neuter them all. Socialize and adopt out the friendly ones. Return the cats who want to remain outside.
2. Assist and help any cats/kittens who I become aware of in the Chicago area.
3. Make sure all kitties are places in loving forever homes.
4. Any cat/kitten who is adopted always can be returned to PJ’s Kitty Rescue, no questions asked. I have invested my heart and soul into every single one of them and want them to thrive. If for any reason an adoption doesn’t end up working out or you can no longer care for them, I will take them back no questions asked and place with a new family.

Adoption Policy

Application, house screening, copy of ID
There is a $150 adoption for one kitty (or $250 for a pair) which helps to cover the costs to save them. We also ask that you vow to keep your kitty(s) indoors, as they should never have to be outside again. We also believe that paws need claws and are strongly against declawing.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets