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Our Mission

In 2014 we received our Rescue License from the state of Illinois. We did this mainly to help the animals in the facility that do not get reclaimed, adopted or tagged by other rescues. We also take back the animals that were adopted from animal control that are being returned because it doesn't work out. We do not want these animals going back to animal control so they come into our rescue.

With all the animals that come through animal control it is impossible for one rescue to take them all. So, we will be stepping up our efforts to bring more rescues aboard to help us with the animals that come through the facility. We are always looking for licensed rescues to pull animals from the Granite City Animal Control. It's a very small animal control. We also save the FIV+ cats, but we don't have a lot of room for all the incoming strays. There are no fees for a rescue to pull. If you can help us, please email us at

Many times we also get feral cats needing barn homes. You will need to provide shelter and food. Please email us for more information and fill out the cat adoption form.

We also have a Community Outreach program in our community. People can contact the volunteers for the best time to come to the animal control to pick up the food donations. This program was started to help those struggling to feed their animals. We understand that things happen and finances get tight. Often the first thing some do it cut the costs of feeding their pets by rehoming or taking them to animal control. Our goal is to keep these pets in their homes by providing food, at no cost.

Pound Pets Inc Rescue can always use more fosters.
If you are interested in fostering, the foster application is located here:

Pound Pets volunteers cleans the animal control building, we are the caregivers for the animals brought in. Once they come through the door, they become our responsibility. We photograph all animals and post to the Pound Pets Facebook page. We provide them clean kennels, beds, blankets, toys, treats, outside play time, walks and human interaction. We try to comfort the scared, keep the high-energy ones exercised and provide plenty of love and affection to make their time at animal control as less stressful as possible.

Sometimes they get reclaimed by their families and sometimes they don't. If they don't it is our responsibility to find the adopters, fosters or rescues to save them from euthanasia.

We get in sick and injured animals as well. They do not sit in their kennels or cages needing veterinary care. Once we see the need for care they are taken to the vet. Sometimes the illness or injury is minor and the city will cover the bill, Other times when it's not, we do. We do all of this on our own dime. We buy the food, the beds, the blankets, the toys, and all the other things that go into care for the animals. Sometimes things are donated and that is wonderful!! We pay the medical bills that the city doesn't. As with most animal controls, there is a limit on what they will do or cover. At Pound Pets, there is no limit. Broken Bones, Surgery, Parvo, Heartworm, etc., if the animal has a chance the animal is given that chance. This is not a shelter but an animal control.

Pound Pets Facebook Page:

Mail (check donations) should be addressed to:
Pound Pets, Inc.
2900 Missouri Ave
Granite City, IL 62040

Packages should addressed to:
Pound Pets Inc.
718 Harrison
Jerseyville, IL, 62052

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption Process:

*You must complete an adoption application before meeting an animal.
*We do all checks on references and vet checks.  
*Please let your references know we will be calling.
*Once approved, you can set up an appointment to meet any of the animals at the Granite City Animal Control, or the ones in foster homes.
*There will be a meet and greet and then a home visit.
*After that you will sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.  

$85 for Rabbits / $80 for Cats / $100 Kittens / $150 for Dogs / $200 for Puppies Six Months & Under

All our animals are completely vetted with the required vaccinations, microchipped and spayed/neutered before leaving the rescue.
Cats will have FIV/FeLV testing
Dogs will have Heartworm testing
Rabbits will have a wellness check

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