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Redemption Road Rescue Rehab Inc.

Island Lake, IL

Our Mission

Rescue, Retrain, Redeem, and Re-home.
Redemption Road Rescue Rehab Inc (aka R4) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization based in Lake County, Illinois. R4 functions as an all-breed and ages, dog and cat rescue that specializes in behavioral training and rehabilitation. We are a professionally operated nonprofit dog and cat rescue run by certified dog trainers. We believe the solution to “difficult” animals cannot just be euthanasia. Our mission is to place dogs and cats that have undergone our rehabilitation program with responsible, reliable, and devoted owners. Our training specialty is centered in dog behaviors and understanding the canine mind. We take in all breeds, all ages and work with domesticated felines and feral cat colonies as well. Our expectations of adopters: 1- Consider the animal as an individual with their own personality and behaviors. 2- Be willing to learn, ask questions, and implement training into their daily routine. 3- Work alongside our team to prepare their home to provide the best environment for their new family member. R4 is 100% volunteer-run and foster-based and relies on donations, fundraisers, grants, and sponsorships to allow our organization to fulfill our mission to animals in need.

Adoption Policy

Steps to our adoption process:
1- A phone interview paired with the adoption application and scheduling a meet and greet.
2- Meet and greet where we also talk about how many more visits, if any, are required for a Foster-to-Adopt or Adoption.
3- Home visit for Foster-to-Adopt or Adoption.

Requirements, fees and contracts will be explained in further details during phone interview. If you have questions, please email us at

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets