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Our Mission

Spay and Stay is a non-profit organization that helps Lake County, IL residents trap and neuter the stray and feral cats in their neighborhoods to stabilize the homeless cat population and reduce overcrowding in local shelters.  Healthy adult ferals living in safe environments are always returned to their original colonies, but in some cases we have friendly kittens or strays, or adult cats that need to moved indoors due to injury or disability and in those cases we do what we can to help our cat caregivers find them homes and coordinate a safe and productive adoption process.

Adoption Policy

If you think you might be interested in one of our cats please fill out our

adoption application at and e-mail or mail it to us.  We will then work with you to ensure a good match and can arrange a meeting.  We require a small donation as an adoption fee that varies depending on the age of the cat or kitten and offer a "bulk discount" for adopters willing to take on more than one kitty.

Adult cats over 1 year- $75,

Kittens 6 months - 1 year- $100; $50 for second or third kitten

Kittens under 6 months- $125; $75 for second or third kitten

Because pet adoption is not our primary mission we have no central animal shelter and rely solely on a network of volunteer foster homes to house and socialize our adoptable cats.  While we don't have a convenient location to come and meet all of our available cats at once our individual foster parents get to work very closely with

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