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Lucky Whiskers Rescue

Glenview, IL

Our Mission

Rescue and find homes for cats and kittens to qualified Adoptors

Adoption Policy

Potential Adopters must fill out an information sheet indicating pet ownership history, employment, residence, and other pertinent information useful to help evaluate whether adoption is a good fit. Unfortunately, applications with missing, incomplete, or inaccurate information will not be considered. Please understand that the well-being of the kitties is first and foremost. If all looks good, you'll be invited to visit the kitties (and bring friends!) to spend as much time as you'd like interacting with them. When you fall in love with them- which you will- we'll work out the details regarding having them join your home. So as to make sure that all adoptions are PERFECT, I offer a 'trial adoption' period within which you take the kitties home and see how it goes. Then, after that time, if its a total love-fest (which it will be) we move on to finalizing the adoption!! I can provide lots of references, as well, to give you confidence that the kitties are coming from a wonderful, loving, clean, and nurturing living situation.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets