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Common Ground Community Rescue Network

Elgin, IL

Our Mission

We help people and animals. It is as simple, and as organic in nature as that sounds. Our rescue charity shows up in communities where people are struggling and animals are invisible so that we can provide an extra layer of hope. Collaborating with others in family partnerships that create connections where we all exist across the miles. Our compassionate action network is based upon our core C.A.R.E. program which we extend to those struggling in areas both near and far. An impact driven by Community, Advocacy, Rescue and Education. We provide a bridge of Hope to those living in crisis. Offering support until Rescue is needed.

Changing Communities — Just by Showing Up.

Adoption Policy

Adopter agrees to provide proper pet stewardship and humane care in the form of proper food, water, shelter, exercise, positive reinforcement training and all other necessities for the Animal.
Adopter agrees to provide veterinary care for the Animal, at his/her own expense, both on a regular basis and in the event the Animal becomes ill or injured.
Adopter agrees to register microchip information at a one-time registration fee within 2-weeks of adoption. Our team will send out a reminder and will remain on the microchip along with adopter. Microchip registration instructions provided with adoption packet. Date cannot be adjusted and noncompliance can mean removal of Animal from home.
Adopter understands that the Animal has been micro-chipped and is registered with CGCRN and Adopter. Adopter agrees to leave the registration as such to provide two layers of support.
Adopter agrees that since changes in the Animal’s health and behavior cannot be predicted, CGCRN cannot make any representations or warranties regarding the Animal’s health, physical condition, age or behavior beyond effective date.
Adopter is adopting the Animal as a permanent member of his/her household and agrees to keep the Animal inside and not to keep the Animal outdoors or at an off-site location.
Adopter agrees to contact CGCRN at 708-502-3000 in the event of loss or theft of the Animal. Or, in the event Adopter wants to forfeit ownership of Animal, and return the Animal back to CGCRN.
Adopter agrees to never allow the Animal to be used as a guard dog, fighting dog, or for experimentation or research.
Adopter agrees not to alter the Animal through any elective surgery such as tail docking, ear cropping, debarking, or declawing.
Adopter agrees to abide by all applicable local state laws pertaining to animal control and ownership.
Adopter agrees not to relinquish the Animal to any organization or individual other than CGCRN without prior written consent from CGCRN.
Adopter agrees to allow CGCRN to inspect his/her home, the Animal, and the Animal’s living quarters at any time after adoption of Animal with proper notice.
Adopter agrees to the removal of the Animal by CGCRN should this contract be found to be violated or if the Animal is not being cared for to the standards set in this Agreement.
Adopter agrees that the behavior of the Animal is now their responsibility and that CGCRN is not liable for any damages or injuries caused by the Animal as of Adoption effective as of date.
Adopter agrees to allow CGCRN to communicate with them for updates regarding the Animal.
Adopter grants permission to be featured as an adopter without publicity compensation. Adopter understands & agrees that such media assets are the property of CGCRN.
Adopter agrees that all information provided to CGCRN is truthful and accurate.
Adopter receives 'Adoption Ripple' kit with microchip registration instructions, animal medical disclosure, animal background story, adoption certificate and transition tips with decompression guide.
Adopter agrees to pay the non-refundable, adoption donation fee.
In addition to the above, Adopter understands and accepts:
This Agreement is intended to be a complete statement of understanding between Common Ground Community Rescue Network and Adopter. By signing this Agreement, Adopter consents to all of the terms set herein, and Adopter agrees that they have fully read and understand the terms of adopting an Animal from Common Ground Community Rescue Network. Adopter agrees to comply with the open door policy for returning an Animal back should the situation ever arise.

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