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Hoppy Haven Small Animal Rescue

East Peoria, IL

Our Mission

We are a 501C3 non-profit licensed foster-based animal rescue. We strive to help as many unloved animals as possible find loving forever homes. Hoppy Haven Small Animal Rescue focuses on small animals who are often overlooked and forgotten. In many cases, the animals are obtained by people who incorrectly believe that they do not require much care, only to learn that they have needs just like dogs and cats. We are here for those animals to help them on their journey to finding the love and care they deserve.
The idea of HHSAR was born April 2018 when a group of ten rabbits were obtained from a horrible situation. They all found loving homes through the help of our friends at The Moon Dog Farm, a Chicago-based rescue. However, we wanted to do more in other parts of the state. There are many rabbits as well as other animals who need help and because of that need, HHSAR was born.
Our goal is to help all animals that we have the means to help, while doing our best to minimize our environmental impact. We also strive to operate with a loving and caring vegan mindset.
We are a partner with PetSmart Charities, which allows us to help a significantly higher number of animals. In our first full month, we had 34 adoptions.
As a non-profit and foster-based rescue, we always welcome donations, whether monetary or items items such as towels, flat bedsheets, rugs, blankets, and supplies small animals can use such as cages, carriers, etc.

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